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Calling all artists for group exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery.

The Brick Lane Gallery is currently inviting artists to apply to our upcoming Art in Mind exhibitions.

Art in Mind is an exhibition platform offering emerging and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a professional art gallery located in a vibrant and dynamic area of London. Helping artists gain exposure in one of the main capitals of the art world, the exhibition is open to both international and UK based artists from a wide range of artistic backgrounds. Art in Mind welcomes artists to exhibit with us time and time again, offering a regular platform to showcase their latest works.

Our professional gallery team organise everything for a successful exhibition including installation, set up and hanging, preview evening, promotion and sales as well as staff for the duration of the exhibition; all this whilst taking 0% commission on sales. Our services have proven to be a very convenient and exciting opportunity for international artists who may not be able to travel to London, and predominantly providing new possibilities for artists who are looking to broaden their artistic career and exhibition background.

Our next available exhibition dates are as follows:

All mediums : 6 - 19 January 2015

Landscape; Rural vs Urban: 3 - 16 March 2015

Contemporary Painting : 6 - 19 January 2015

Photography Now : 20 January - 2 February 2015
Portraits : 3 - 16 February 2015

Works on Paper : 3 - 16 March 2015

If you are interested in taking part, email us at info@thebricklanegallery.com with images of your work.




13 - 23 November 2014
Preview: Wednesday 12th November, 6 - 8.30pm

With: Fiona Pompermaier, Harriet Green, Marc Stewart, Marie Dominique Bernardi, Massimiliano Precisi, Maxwell Rushton, Michael Volpicelli, Michelle Fielding, Mike & Madeleine Bulow, Sara Arainpour, Sarah B Smith.



13 - 23 November 2014
Preview: Wednesday 12th November, 6 - 8.30pm

With: Beth Lardner, Christopher Farrell, Fiona Bunn, George Odlin, Gershon Kelman, Henriette J Busch, Paul Mitchell, Raluca Irina Ciorbaru, Rose Seber, Ted Hiscock.




As part of our 2014 Art in Mind exhibitions, the Brick Lane Gallery is continuing our themed exhibitions which give selected artists an opportunity to exhibit alongside fellow creatives in their medium.

We are calling for artists to submit work for our next themed show of the year:

Contemporary Painting ! 6 - 19 January 2015

The Brick Lane Gallery| 196 Brick Lane| E1 6SA

Professionally curated by our gallery team, our group exhibitions will be a showcase of some of the best emerging talent these mediums can offer. Like all our Art in Mind shows, the exhibitions provide a platform for new artists to exhibit their works to a wider audience, extend their professional networks, and present their work in a beautiful professional space in the cultural hub of East London.

To apply and for more information, please email info@thebricklanegallery.com










Gallery Hire

The Brick Lane galleries are located in two beautiful exhibition spaces in the Brick Lane area. Both galleries are available to hire for your solo show, group exhibition or event. Our professional staff are here to assist you by offering a unique exhibition experience in the creative art district of east London.
With over 5 years experience, our dedicated team take the pressure out of organising your exhibition, managing everything for you to create the perfect occasion for a successful and stress-free exhibition!  
The services we provide include:

  • Installation and set-up
  • Email invitation to our mailing list 30,000 recipients
  • Invitation cards
  • Opening reception
  • Press-release and promotion
  • Details of your exhibition on our website
  • Vinyl lettering of your exhibition title and artist name on the gallery window
  • Professional staff invigilation
  • Pricing advice and sales support

Both exhibition spaces are welcoming and approachable, offering fantastic ground floor frontage and direct entrances onto the busy street. Brick Lane is not only a very lively and popular location for art and culture, it is also just a few steps away from the financial district.

For more information about our services, prices and availability please email Daisy at info@thebricklanegallery.com



Sandra's work takes inspiration from the importance of colour in the world – her attraction from a young age to strong bold colours such as cobalt blue and a passion for water in all its forms, resulted, four years ago, in an impulse to externalise on canvas some deep and powerful emotions. Emphasising the importance of colour in linking the natural world with our imagination and creativity, Sandra's colour palettes are deeply inspired by nature and the essential element of life: Water.

Besides reaching the public's emotions, Sandra is also commited in making a difference through her work. The privileged world we live in, and particularly the way we waste water whilst people in developing countries have a scarcity of water has inspired her to create this body of work. This exhibition seeks to encourage people to support sustainable international development - the Wateraid Charity is close to Sandra's heart because of its direct involvement in Madagascar and communities in Latin America.

"We are a drop in the ocean" Your help can have a strong impact on many people´s lives. A little participation will go a long way.
Thank you for all your support, patience and good will"
Sandra Menant.

View artworks www.sandramenant.co.uk




Ted Hiscock (from UK) was born in 1946 in Wellington, Somerset. He was never without a pencil and paper and grew up under the influences of his father, Tom, an amateur water colourist of some merit and a cousin, Tony Griffin, a Berkhampstead artist who was a source of great inspiration. All through 4 decades of a medical career in the city of Birmingham, Ted developed his artistic career alongside and when he retiredfrom the medical profession in 2012, he was ready to develop his art in a number of ways: oil, gouache, charcoal, pen & ink, wax sculptures including portraits, landscape, cityscape, nude and figure work in his repertoire. His style is modern, traditional and representative and he is passionate about the canals that permeate Birmingham and the West Midlands. He held 3 successfulsingle solo exhibitions in Birmingham and currently has one in Port Vendres, South of France running to the end of November with a sole theme of 'The Vine'.




Exhibited in Art in Mind, 25 September - 5 October 2014

Charlie Pi is an artist whose muses are serendipity and synchronicity. He starts off with a theme or story. He has an obsession with domestic objects with history and the patina of use. Sometimes he comes across an object so powerful that it can change theoriginal piece, making the work it's own. It is then, that synchronicity is all important.









'I wish to say a big thank you for all the help and consideration I received yesterday evening when my husband and I delivered my various paintings to the Annexe.
It is a wonderful fresh space and everyone's work should look magnificent in there. I feel that great care and considered attention was taken in the selection of the works to be shown - it is such an emotional business trying to select objectively your own work and so it was really wonderful having fresh eyes sort matters out for me - thank you so much.
Pennie Cunliffe Lister


"I would just like to say I think it's a great opportunity your offering to new UK and International artists." – Kirsty Smith


"This is just a big thanks for all of your help with the gallery opening and exhibition. I really had a wonderful experience :) '– Sarah Jane Fardon


"I'm writing you to tell you that my prints were delivered safely! And again thank you for your patience, hard work and wonderful experience!" - Alice J. Redaelli






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